Children in the States


4 yrs old just arrived from Cote d'Ivoire, September 8th for burn surgery at Shriner's.


8 yrs old from Burkina Faso. Came as a baby for cleft lip and palate surgery. Will be having a camera test and sleep study on September 11th.


1 yr old getting stronger everyday. Hoping she takes off walking soon so she can go home to Burkina Faso with her parents. She came for club feet surgery.

Chris Emmanuel

This young man is very special. He has been in the states three times and has a leg that is growing stronger each trip. He is always so anxious to go home and see his grama in Cote d'Ivoire. He just went home Sept. 6th. Will be back in a couple of years for more limb lengthening.


Almost 3 yrs old will be returning home to his parents on Sept. 20th after having a leg amputated and being fitted for a prosthesis. First time he has been able to walk. I am sure his parents will be so excited!